Lenneke Wispelwey founded her design studio since 2008 in Arnhem. She is mainly focused on working with porcelain. Her powdery colored products with geometric patterns are the result of a very low-tech way of designing. Based on cut and pressed glass that mesmerized her as a child in her grandmothers kitchen cabinet. A basic approach to techniques and materials are very important to communicate her vision and way of working. Playing with the contrast between biscuit and glazed porcelain and the use of various tones within a color makes each product unique.

Honest and harmonious designs, inspired by her own memories and found pieces from every day life which Lenneke transforms, together with her photographer Masha Matijevic, into beautiful modern still lifes. At her studio her love for curiosa, vintage and other remarkable items is showing and how she displays her work in a poetically bigger picture.

This bigger picture is also reflected in her exhibition design. Lenneke already designed exhibitions for different museums such as Museum Arnhem and Kunstmuseum Den Haag.


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